Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hot damn

God... I dont remember when I last posted. I guess that was when we had all that rain at the beginning of the month. Damn...I guess I will just start with today.

In philly today it was 100 degrees plus. Crazy shit. I know it is summer and all, but it is hot as hell. I had to work at the shop. We had a great day there. We got a good amount of work done, and also had a good number of customers. Enough customers to keep us busy. I think I got a bike out the door for a customer of mine. I feel like I have been attracting huge riders. In the last few days I have had three customers who were 6 foot 6 or more. I sold one a bike. I have another one coming in for a road bike tomorrow. I hope I can continue selling more bikes. I guess as we get busier and busier, we will sell more bikes. With all of the constuction, and the lack of all of our stock, it has been hard. We have been getting better though, and the sales are showing. I will have to bring my camera over and show you guys some pictures.