Thursday, January 11, 2007

Say it out loud.

As I talked about before, I have been working out like a dog. I am running a bunch and lifting three days a week. I am doing all sorts of different stuff. I really want to be fit enough to make a shot at racing cyclocross. I also want to gain some speed on the Mtn Bike. I feel that I am pretty much as fast I am going to get without losing some weight. I could tweek some specific technical skills, but the speed gain is going to come from dopping this extra tonage.

A real motivator was a customer who came into the shop and was asking about some rides, and some clothing. After talking with him for a while, he sort of made a up and down look at me and said...You actually ride? I wanted to rip his fucking throat out, I just said if he would like to join our Saturday group ride, I would be happy to show him how fast I was. After a few months of Satudays....he has not shown up.

Some other motivation comes from two (1 2)guys I have ridden with who dropped some weight and really shoot out of the gate now. Most of the guys I ride with are from the shop and they are just rockets. I have always been able to hold my own, but I want to be the person who is doing the waiting and not the person who people are waiting for.

So as Chris Carmichael says...If you really want it, say it out loud. I AM GOING TO LOSE 30LBS. by April 1st. My secondary goal is a total 60 by September 1st. Keep an eye here for my updates. This is not some New Years bullshit.

I have been on the bike off and on besides commuting. I built a new 1x9 cross check for riding around town. It is for the really cold days or when the trail is iced over when I will take the train both ways to work. It is also for crusing around town doing errands.

So far it is running pretty well. I am having a bit of a chain issue, but I think I just need to buy a new one when I stop by the shop.

I am on my self imposed time off from the shop. When it gets slow around there, I ask to be sent home for the rest of the season. For the years I have worked in the industry and taught, I have taken the winter off. It is nice to get a break from the shop, but I feel like I miss out on some of the bro deals and I don't keep up with my bikes as well as I should.

As CES and MacWorld are going on this week, there was a great announcment by Motorola that they have a bike that will charge cell phones. It is for emerging markets that do not have as much power available as the US

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CityBikesMike said...

It's tough to lose weight. I'm no flyweight and I struggle to get down to race weight (haven't seen that since 1998). All's I can do is ride, train, eat right (kinda) and ride...

Good luck. I'm pulling for ya!

Let me know when you come down and we'll go out for a long ride...