Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I got to go to my apartment today! That is something new, since except for a few hours of sleeping Monday morning, I was away from my house since Monday the 25th.

It was great to see jess, and sleep in my own bed for the night. I have to start to get comfertable doing that all over again, since I will be there every night starting soon.

Earlier today my friend Robin, who I wrote about eariler in the week, sent me an email or bullitan that had the lyrics to a new BANE song that made refernce to our decieced friend Hans Nothin. The song really struck home with me, since we lost Hans about a year ago at a Bane show in Wilkes Barre. He was one of the best guys ever, and everyone loved him. His death still has quite an effect on me, as he was one member of the family of Wilkes Barre/Scranton hardcore kids that I grew up with. (The song is posted above if you want to hear it.)

I went out and got the record at Repo, just so I could have it to remember him by.

I finally got to bed at a normal time!

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