Wednesday, December 14, 2005

put my car in the shop today so I get get rid of this awful squeaking noise that I have coming from my routers. I needed new ones, but luckily I had the room on my firestone card so that I could get them fixed without laying out a bunch of cash. That card is SO worth having! $450 later, my car is fixed, and i do not have to deal with the noise anymore.
I got paid today. Thank god. I love pay day like everyone else, but shit I need this money. I looked at my paystub today and realized that I will make about 10 grand less in this job than I will in my next job. I am excited as shit to get into school and start getting some paychecks. Soon enough.
After work on this 100 degree day, I hung out for a little while at the Vadino's house while I was waiting for it to get a bit cooler. I just sat around more or less till about 7, when I went out to go mountain bike riding. I got to the trials, and my tire was more or less flat, so I pumpped it up again...flat again. What the hell? Can I ever have a good mountain bike ride? I decided to cut my losses and head back to their house to cool down and relax
Back at their house, I was able to remount the tube, and as I write this, it seems to be holding air pretty well. That is good, since I am going on a ride with Brian tomorrow after work. That is if it does not rain too much during the day. I really dont feel like getting struck by lightning!
After dealing with the tire, and spending sometime online, I made a great dip into their pool. It was so nice, and night swimming is the best!

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