Thursday, May 18, 2006

back in the saddle again

It seems that when something comes to an end or I have accomplished something, I come back to this. I have Gawdz to thank for this I guess. A few things have been going on now. It seems that last thing I knew it was St. Patricks day, it was cold as hell, I was living in a small apartment, and everything was ok. Now after some family events, buying a house, and spring arriving it is mid-May afterall. Crazy!
A few things have gone on in the last few months since I worked on this some on the bike but alot off the bike. It seems like most of the riding I am doing is on my commute...not a slouch of a commute at 26 miles, but not as much fun as a day in the woods. Much better than sitting in the car, or paying for $3+ gas.
I guess I can work backwards of stuff that has been going on.
-Last night my first season as head coach of 7th and 8th grade girls lacrosse ended in a lopsided loss like most of the season. Our girls would hang tough till half time, and then just fall apart in the last 10 minutes. We finished the season 3-8. With a very inexperienced team playing in a hotbed of lacrosse, I think we did well. I wanted to beat one team from outside of the district and the other two middle school teams in our district. We did that, had a bunch of fun, learned the sport and hopefully deveolped some of the girls into players for next year and on after that. It was a huge sucess over last year when they only won one game on the entire season.
The picture with the clouds is my Goalie and Center leaving the field after a great game.

-Last weekend I went home (again) to see my family. This time it was a bit different. Besides the typical moms day stuff, I had to help with my mom who had shoulder surgury to repair a tear from many moons ago that is aggrivated by her job where she has to lift a very heavy bar over her head for hours at a time. God I wish she could get out of that job, but there is those pesky benifits. What good are benifits from your job when they are only going to pay for things that happen when you are on the job? It just really sucks, but it is motivation for me to make sure I never have to work in a factory, and to never really complain about my job, because on my worst day, it is still better than the best day at the jobs my parents have had.
While I was home I also had to visit my grandmother who had a stroke a week prior. She is 82yrs old and quick as a whip. You would think she was 10-20 years younger based on the way she acts. The day before the stroke she was out shopping and keeping pace with my aunt who is at least 30 years younger than her. My grandmother seems to be doing ok, and she has a great support system, so her recovery I feel is going to be as good as her mind is going to make it. I just hope she can stay positive. I dont know if I could in that state. I want her to be around and healthy to see me get married this summer, as I am the last of her grandchildren to do so.
This tough weekend was accented by some quality time with the family, some good walks with the dog, and a fun time at my friends Co-Ed baby shower. I have known my friend who is having the baby since I was in kindergarten. We went to the same church, as her family grew up in the same neighborhood as mine. We went through all of school together, and even went to prom together. It is just strange that we are growing up and having babies and weddings and what not. Pictures to come when she has her baby girl.
The previous few weekends have invovled weddings, traveling, other showers, and moving from our little old apartment.

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