Saturday, May 20, 2006

give it a rest

Well today was supposed to be a day to sit around with Jess and enjoy eachotehrs company. Well her dad called and asked if I could work at Pharm Ops, his business. I could use the infusion of cash, but I can always use the time at home. If her dad did not need me so bad, I would have given up the cash to stay home for the day. I guess it is better off, since I would have been out (or tempted to) on some wet trails(the ones I talked about yesterday). Maybe I will get out there tomorrow.
Tonight we are going to see the Davinci code with some friends and go to a book release party. I am excited to see the movie to see if it lives up to all of the hype. Really I just want to see her
I will get out on the trails tomorrow. If I have to go really early, I will def get out there. My single speed legs need some work.

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