Thursday, December 07, 2006

Big Snake with a helmet

On today there was a mention of a biker being stopped in their tracks by a giant snake. Well...if you get there in time, and check out the video. The cyclist is wearing a really bad looking backwards helmet. Just really really bad.

On another helmet note, and I guess a bit late, I had to get a "stand in" helmet when I was up visisting with my parents for the hoilday. I knew it was going to be nice after the storm we had here on the east coast, so I took my cross bike up there, and I knew i would hit the road on Friday. I was all geared up and ready to go, until I could not find my helmet anywhere. I am not one to ride without a helmet, but I am also one not to miss out on a ride. I put my campy cycling cap on, and headed out the door for my ride. I realized that I may have had a helmet in the basement, but it was an older bmx helmet, and I didnt want to rock that one. I knew that Sickler Cycles would be open for me to get a helmet. I rode the three or so miles over there, making sure that I didnt do anything dumb enough to end up eating applesause through a straw for the rest of my life.

I got to the shop, walked in and said give me the cheapest helmet you have asap. The lady looked at me, my bike, and my gear and asked what helmet I had now. I told her that I own two pneumos and an eclipse...but they were back in philly. SHe understood my plight, and got me set up.

I dropped the name of the shop I work at, and talked some shop, and got a trek helmet for cost.

I think it is more or less a cop helmet, but it protected my brain for the day and got me out for a ride. I took some shots while riding to Wilkes Barre .
I dont know why my mouth is looking for bugs in the picture, and I can tell you taht my Specialized glasses go much better with my Giro helmet, but I was surly safe in that cop helmet.

I found out that we have a great trail in the Wilkes Barre area. It is on top of the dike that is keeping the Susquahanna river from flooding all of Kingston, and a few other towns on the West side of the river.

It goes for a few miles, and I saw a few folks using it, which was great. At least I know it is there for the next time I get to go and ride there.

I got to check up on some of the damage from the week before when my hometown was hit pretty hard with flooding, when a dam/flood pipe exploded and let tons of water and debris come down. The very pretty and brand new library in town got hit pretty hard, as well as a doctors office, the phone system, and some otehr businesses.

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