Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nite RIde.

I have never actually gone on a night ride that was not part of a race or something similar. I went by myself last night. It was half in the dark, and half light. I know there are crazies living out in the woods I ride in, so I was sort of spooked riding in the woods in the dark alone, even though it was only 5:30. I think I would like it with more folks joining in. I am a big dude, but suprise can take down almost anything.

A quick shot on the bike with no flash on. I really think I want to get a headlamp. Two lights upfront provided a good amount of light, but I would really love to see where I pointed my head, as where I ride is mostly very twisty and tight.

Last night I also took my jump back into the world of eating animals. I have not really ate meat since sometime back in middle/high school. I had some shake and bake chicken from jess. Today I had tuna at lunch in school, so I guess I am jumpping in face first.

Why make the switch? I have been a vegetarian forever as it feels, and I dont think that my food options are leading my to the best choices there are. Through studying nutrition and what not, do not lead to vegetarianism as the best choice for what I am trying to do as far as fitness gains and what not.

I am sure "Vegan" Rob would disagree with me, but that dude is crazy minus the vegan fueled endurance mountainbiking.

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