Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is it cold?

Where I grew up, it was not always this cold, but I guess I was used to it, since we did have some cold winters. It seemed once October or so hit, it was just straight up cold till March or so. There was just no question about it. I have been spoiled living in Philly and NoVA, but damn it is cold. I saw a high of 24 today, but I think that was inflated. I had the day off since I had to go get my shoulder looked at, but more on that later. I spent most of the morning putting my home network in a closet. I had to run some wires and drill some holes, but it looks much better in there, than sitting on my nightstand in the bedroom.
I did some dishes, and other stuff I generally do not want to do after getting home from work. I was going to ride to the appointment, but I did not want to have to remove all of my cycling layers to have x-rays or whatever. I know...a cop out, but it was 9F when I was leaving for the Dr!
I got home from the Dr. and even though I had to go over to the hospital to have x-rays done, it was all over in less than two hours. Not too bad. I decided that I needed to go for a ride on the 29er, as I have hardly had time, and it has been too cold to do more of a ride than just around the block. I got all wrapped up, and got on the bike. The first two blocks were a bit rough on the small sections of skin that were exposed, but once I started moving it was great to be on the 9er. I think once I get used to it, the bike will be tons of fun to ride around town and on the dirt. Hopefully it will be warm enough soon so I can get a good day out on the bike.
The first picture was taken at a school in fishtown with great artwork on the outside.

The second shot is from a legal Graff wall around Cecil B. Moore and 2nd street.

Who said this is not the city of brotherly love?

I made an appointment to see the Dr. after a student was wondering what was wrong with me, when I was curling up in pain but not really doing anything. It is not hurting since I went riding last week, but I still have some pain. I had the x-ray and to my totally untrained eye it looks fine. I will see the specialist on Monday. I will keep us all updated.

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