Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In the Deleware

I left my parents house late as usual. I got to work on time though. Sometimes I think I just hit another deminsion and I make it to work on time. Work was pretty boring. I went to the notary and had my proof of loss inventory stamped. I really want to get this ball rolling so I could get a laptop again, and buy a new bag. I just hope I get the full value for my stuff.

Mrs. Vadino left pretty early to go deal with the cable people, so I got to use her computer for a while. I can not stand the keyboard on that thing, but for what I need, I guess it works ok. After work I drove part of the way home, and I went for a swim in the Deleware river. It was SO nice. I don't know why I was not going all summer long so far! I just waded in and sat in the water and tried to fight the current. It was a pretty swift current, but not enough where you were being pushed all over the place. There were a few people who were tubing on the river, and the camp across the way was rocking out. I swam around for a while, but I mostly just sat there and tried to cool off. The water was so clear you could see the bottom of the river. That was good because I hate having too much seaweed or gross animals swimming around me. I got out of the water, dried off, and continued my journey back to the city.

I called jess and told her I would pick here up so we could go drive some golf balls. I guess it was my good hitting from the night before or the desire to be outside and not on south street that led me to go and drive golf balls two nights in a row. Whatever it is, we went to a place in Jersey where you could hit the balls into the water. It is a novel idea, since most people have ranges that are all grass. It is a great idea when you think of it. This land is really just sawmp land that this guy built a driving range on. Brilliant if you ask me.

After golfing, we hit up the Cherry Hill mall. We walked around for a while and looked at engagement rings and clothes and what not. I bought a cotton hat for the weekend, so I have something to wear so I don't get to sweaty.

We went home and just relaxed the rest of the night.

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