Saturday, August 06, 2005

Today we got up early started our day of errands and what not. We had brunch at The Royal. The Royal is a bar/reseraunt in South Philly that is frequented by "hipsters" and that sort of crowd. I like it quite a bit in there, since I usually like the people there, and I don't think the food is all that bad. Also, there is a great jukebox that almost always has a great Zepplin song coming out of it. This morning, we were the only non-employees in there for quite a while, till the rest of the breakfast crowd started to roll in. Part of the crowd had my friend Nicki and some others. She told us that Pete and Colleen were on the way as well, which was great since we hardly ever get to see them. Jess ordered the Tofu Scramble, which I thought was a bad idea for her, and I got an Omlet with three "toppings" (I realize they are not toppings, but what the fuck do you call things you put on omlets? (also, if following regular nomencalater where a small pig is called a piglet, if an omlet is a small om, what is an om? A huge amount of eggs with stuff in them?)). Jess did not like the Tofu Scramble too much. I thought it tasted like Indian food do to the high amount of cumin in it. My omlet was great, and the slices of watermellon on the side were great. Service was very good, and the jukebox played a good string of Brit bands like Led Zepplin, The Clash, and Queen. I thought it was funny that they were all Brits, but nobody else found it quite as funny. We sat with Colleen, Pete, Nikki, and the rest of their group for a while, then headed out on our journey for the morning.

First stop since we were already in South Philly was the Phillies stadium. I had to pick up tickets for a game that my dad, his bestfriend, and myself are going to next Monday against the Washington Nationals. We got some great seats right down the Third base line in direct line of where foul balls usually end up. Maybe I will bring my glove!

I needed to go to RELoad to get a receipt for my bag that was stolen two weeks ago from Roland. I also got the chance to look at the show that was going to open up there later in the evening.

Roland wrote up a great reciept for my bag and laptop case, so I could submit it to the insurance company, and order a new bag. I have wanted a new bag for a while, so maybe this is a blessing in desiguise.

After RELoad we headed out to West Philly to hit up Urban Outfitters,EMS, and Barnes and Nobel. After walking around those, we went to Pete and Colleen's house so I could work on his bike.

Somewhere along the way, pete ended up bending his rear disk, which caused him to have a lot of drag when the wheel went around. I tried to tune it best I could so we could ride on Sunday. I got it pretty close to perfect. We hung out for a little longer, then headed home

Later that night we went to see March of the Penguins at the Ritz 5. It was really good. A great documetary. I could have watched it on TLC or something and saved the 18 bucks, but I guess it is better than most other movies that are out these days.

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