Wednesday, February 14, 2007

some bike bling

Valentines day has about an hour left in it, and I am still not sure that we will have work tomorrow or not. It is going to feel like -1 with the windchill, and it is still pretty icy out there. Having students walk to school is a good idea when it is 60, but when it is -1, that comes to being a different story. I can not even imagine walking how far some of our kids do in that type of temps with the lack of resources they have. Many of my kids come in with no hats, no gloves, etc. It is hard to give them crap for doing something when you see how they come in and what they go through to get there. I really have a hard time sending a kid for a late pass when they are one minute late to my class after going through that kind of crap. We are supposed to have zero tolerance, but I also have professional judgement.

I wrote about my wife (then girlfriend) getting me a Brooks saddle for V-day a few years ago. I think I finally figured out what she can get me for v-day that is bike related and not a consumable thing like wheels, or something. All of my bikes have Chris King Headsets after a few years of that being the easy thing to get me. I really have found the bike bling that I want. It is a custom headtube badge! A local lady, Jen Green, makes these badges and some bike jewlery. Her real biz is making other jewlery like engagement rings and earings, but she makes some great headbages. Check her stuff out.
I think mine may be an old school Phillies P with Philly across the top of it. What do you think?


32by18 said...

Go for it!

I'd spring for one, but I'm all the way here in the Philippines :)

I remember I had a red Phillies batter's helmet when I was a kid.

Hope the weather lets up so you can get some quality riding time.

Cheers from the sunny Philippines - sending some warm weather your way!

32by18 said...


The bar is an On-One Mary, ( I believe JensonUSA or Speedgoat has em in stock. They've got a sweep of like 30 degrees, and I flipped them over because I found my weight distribution was better that way, rather than ride side up. I wrapped it in grip tape because I find myself gripping the inner portion of the bar sometimes :)

Riding here is pretty good, but most of the trails are outside the city. Shame that we do not have trail advocacy here :(

Phil Smith said...

Autumn has just arrived here in Brisbane Australia. Temps haveplumetted to around 24 degrees centigrade on my pre-dawn commute. I cannot imagine the cold you're riding in! (Worse than New Zealand.) I loved the bike bling. I'll see how much my wife loves me for my birthday.