Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tour De Waltrip?

Holy Crap, Imagine another sport is cheating! I could only imagine the talk. Can I now go to a gas station and talk about NASCAR cheating as people did to us at the bike shop after Floydgate or Dr. Fuentezgate? When I see my family at a BBQ, can I ask them if all drivers cheat, just as they asked me about cyclists? I am on Floyd's side, but there was a ton of crap thrown at everyone in spandex and on skinny tires when that crap hit the fan.

At least with this issue, the drivers and their teams are caught more or less red handed,and there is almost no appeals process. The only thing that stinks about this is that the drivers will be right back, but the crew cheifs and mechanics got kicked out. I didn't see that go down since the Festina issuse back in the day.I guess by Phonak dropping out of cycling made all of those folks look for new jobs.

The drivers did get pushed back in the points standings, and it will hurt their chances of an overall win for the season, but not for individual days.

In a sport that was founded on outlaws and moonshine running, I am amazed that people are so upset about the cheating.

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David from DC [SIC] said...

I'm a big cycling fan, been one for 20 years, more than half my life, I really didn't want to believe that LA, TH, FL, and all the rest were using illegal doping or drugs, but man, it's hard with the evidence that is out there now. People say David Walsh has an axe to grind, or wants to capitalize on Lance's fame. Hardly. Rather, I'd say there are multiple industries with big stakes in the purity of LA's career. Even, I think, the US press and people have a collective moral stake in LA's heroic stature. This perhaps accounts for why we've ignored all the evidence in the case, discrediting legit journalist and publications. I guess I would start here: