Sunday, November 19, 2006


I found it funny when I went to New Hope, Pa for a Cyclocross race and ran into this plate after my entry from yesterday. The race was held on private land. It is nice to see that much uninterupted land in the area of New Hope! The homeowner was pumping a good mix of celtic/highland music, the wind was blowing, and the ground was wet! Good day for cyclocross. I did hear some people complain about the mud, but I dont understand why they would be at or in a cross race if they did not enjoy the mud.

I am def ready to train for next cross season, and will be looking forward to racing next season. I have alot of work to do, but I will make sure I am strong and fit enough to do this type of racing. It will be good for me to get fit, and this is a great reason to do it. Over the winter of riding to work, spring mountain biking and the whole summer of commuting and riding will leave me a great place to have a good cross season. I don't want this to be too picture heavy, but I think I the photos I have of the race speak for themselves. First barrier with the peloton coming.

Not the first mud, but the best mud. The course comes out of a false flat wheat field, back around, into some really technical stuff around a tree, and right into this mud pit. After this pit, you were in the clear for some good sprints, and some pretty flat racing and then back through the start finish. One of the racers near the front. There was a pit spot right here, where many riders dropped off their bike, and ran about 20 yrds, since they were going to hit this barrier shortly after coming out of the pit. These two barriers dropped you off to a sharp uphill turn, through some semi paved flats with switchbacks, back past another pit, and then through the field. Stella really enjoys cyclocross. She is outside, sees other dogs, and I am happy.

One thing I noticed about this race was there were not too many folks that were not racing or cheering on a specific racer there. It is right before a big holiday week, but I sort of expected to see a few more people there. At least those who were there were really into it and quite supportive.

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