Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Election day, and I work in a school. So I get the day off! Cool stuff. I wanted to do a bunch of stuff, but it was so nice out, I decided I wanted to go for a ride. I went to Wiss. and decided to go a different way than I usually go. I rode this route over the summer at the poker run. I found some new trails that I have never been on before, and rode some stuff backwards from the way I was used to riding it. Over all a very good fall day on the bike. I felt strong climbing, and moving around in the woods, which is great since I am looking to get stronger in the woods on new terrain so I can race a bit next year, like I used to.

I love my bike, but I would like to ride a full suspension or a 29er off road. Working at the shop lets me "borrow" all sorts of bikes, but I think there is a Specialized Brain Equiped bike in my future. Hopefully by next spring I can get one!
The elections went my way as well. Everyone I voted for won, which I of course thinks is great.

This are some shots from the top of the valley.

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