Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My wife made it big time

While looking over the blogosphere last night, I checked out the Surly Bikes blog, and saw a rant about a bike that my wife helped buy for the company she works for. They are a high end clothing and homegood store, so bikes is not really their thing at all.

I think the bike is cool, and the reactions some folks have about it is down right amazing.

I finally started back to the gym last night. I will be there two days a week, so I can ride the other three. I may step it up to three nights as it gets colder, but we will see. I am a bit sore, but I am looking forward to getting out of work so I can get out and enjoy the warm weather we have been having. My goal is to race a bunch of Mountain and Cyclocross next year. I want to loose a bunch of weight and make it work. My boy Joe did it, and I think I can as well if I get something to look foraward and work for.

The picture above is my bike last year at the stables at valley green on a commute home. I love the fall. I think my bike looks great with that stable as a backdrop.

I have some new lights to check out tonight, and I will post some pictures later from a night ride around the city on my errands to the video store and the costume shop.

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