Friday, July 22, 2005

Blam! What sound do you really hear when a bullet rips though your skull? Are you dead before you hear it? It is hard to tell, unless you lived through that kind experience. I guess I will just have to ask 50 cent. A person who went through this experience this morning will not be telling anyone about it any time soon.

From what I understand, the London police or M16 or whatever were staking this guy out, and when he went to the the tube the police wanted to ask him a few questions. He was looking like he fit the bill for what they were looking for, and he was wearing a heavy coat in the London Summer. He decided no to comply with the police, who have a shoot to kill directive aimed at any terrorist activity, and ran from them, so he ended up with a few holes in him.

In times as these, it is sad, but that is what it is going to come down to. If this guy was a terrorist, they did the right thing, if this was a random dude on his way to work, and he decided to run from plain clothes officres, which is what they were, and he got shot up, it is sad. The police will get the rap for shooting the wrong guy, but the people that perpetrate these crimes will be protected due to their civil liberties.

I am not for the government taking away a persons rights, but some may have to be sacrificed to preserve our way of life. Do I want my bag searched when I go to the airport? Nope, but I will comply. I do expect others to be searched as well, and those that fit the 'script of the bombers should be checked as well. It sounds unfair, but you have to deal with what members of your community have chosen to do. It is as simple as dress. It is not all about race. If you fit into a certain category, you should be searched, since there are catagories that are considered a higher risk than others. As an Irish Catholic Male during the troubles, I would have been searched and hasseled, but I fit the 'script of who was blowing up mailboxes, and buring down houses. If you fit the 'script, you have to deal with what comes along with it. If you do not like it, work to stop these attacks and the attackers.

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