Sunday, July 03, 2005

This day we went to Lambertville, NJ in the morning. There are tons of antiques here, and jess's family loves to look for antiques. We went there very early, but we had to get to my parents house for later in the day. We did see much at lambertville, but I did pick up an ET 12" Picture Disk of the sound track for $5! I think I am going to EBAY. We went back to jess's parents house and got our stuff together and took off for Pittston, Pa.

On our way to Pittston we saw a flea market and decided to stop. This place was a bit strange. It had a lot of junk, and then some really nice stuff thrown in. We randomly ran into a good friend of Jess and ended up walking around talking to him and his girlfriend. I picked up some fireworks, and off we were to Pittston.

On our way back to Pittston, we had to go up and over some mountains and threw some woods. My parents live a valley surrounded by the Pocono Mountains, and to get there, you have to go over them. On our way up we realised that I was running low on gas. Jess suggested that we stop, but I thought that we would have no problem getting home on what we had. You probably know where this goes. I drove fora while, and was starting to get nervous about it. This was of course after I scoffed at getting gas. We got a point where I was starting to freak, so i decided to turn around and go get gas. It must have been twenty minutes out of our way back to get it. At this point we are already running a few hours late to get to my parents house. My mom kind of freaks when we dont get there on time, so I was kind of stressed.

We finally got to Pittston and my mom was thrilled to see us. We hung out there for a while and then my mom had some work to do and was going out, so we went and played some Mini Golf, Drove some balls, went for a drive in the woods, and got some ice cream. We went back to my parents house and hung out with my dad and tried to figure out where to see some fireworks. After I set off some of the ones that I got that morning, we tried to get to the fireworks at the Lakawanna County Stadium. We were really late to that and ended up turning around and going back to Pittston to my friend Carrie and Eds party. We got there in time for carrie's fireworks display. We hung out with some friends there, and finally got home so I could set up the arrowbed that my mom got for my room. That shit rules!

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