Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So I have been looking for some great trails to ride for a while. Since I am in Central Jersey or the Lehigh Valley everyday, I have the chance to look for new stuff everywhere I go. Luckily, I have found a good guide in my new found riding buddy Brian. I found him on a board that we both post on and seem to agree on most things related to bikes. He offered to take me on a ride at some trails that the LV has to offer. He took me to Jacobsburg State Park.

The trails were nice, but I bet I would have liked them if the rocks were not "sweating" It was sort of drizzling when we got there, but def not enough to get through the canopy. I try to never ride on wet trails, esp ones that I don't work on or contribute to. The trails flow in some spots, and some they are tight technical rock and root gardens. On the path we took, there were three road crossings and at least two creek crossings. I had a great time and it was a great workout. I def reccommend it to anyone to go and ride there. Make sure you have some mud tires on, and you go slow around the blind corners.

That night I went to Best Buy and picked up a wireless router for Jess's parents house. I finally got them to pick up cable internet, which is SO much better than their old AOL dialup they were using. That shit is the WORST! Well they got cable a little while ago, and since I want to have wirelss at my work, apartment, and parents house, I had to convince them to get it for the house. That became much easier when Best Buy offered a rebate on a Linksys802.11B router that made it only $5. I don't care what kind of geek you are, $5 is good for a router, as long as I send the rebates in, and the thing works.

I do have to say that it did not set up as easy as other Linkyss router. For some reason it was giving me a bunch of problems. So I went to bed.

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