Thursday, July 14, 2005

This whole week has been mad busy with work stuff. Today I worked on two different batches. I was going almost non stop. We have to get this stuff done by this Friday in order to meet our deadline. I am not complaning about work, but when you are in a white room n white clothes with a constant sound going all day, it is enough to make your head spin.

I am a vegetarian. I do not eat anything with a mother. I have been this way for a really long time, and I have took tons of shit about it. The last time I remember intentionally harming an animal has to be at least 15 or so years ago, and even then I was just fishing. I have never been a big fan of hunting, even though I grew up in an area where there were tons of hunters. I just never wanted to take part in that "sport". I think the fact that I do not harm animals or choose to stems from being about 4 or 5 when my father took me to see the deer that some of our neighbors shot and guttend, then hung out on thir porch to dry out. My mother said that I ran home crying something about Bambie. I sort of remember it, but maybe that is what changed me. I never think that an animal has to suffer for "sport" I can see why (but don't always agree with)people eat them, but I think that if they had to kill the animal on their own and gut it, they would never even think of eating it. Well that little rant leads up to what I had to do tonight after dinner. A dinner that consisted of veggie burgers and corn!

Barrett, the Vadino's dog wanted to go and play frisbe with me after dinner. He was begging the whole time, so as soon as I finished my vegetarian dinner, I went out to play with him. As I was getting onto the deck, Anne, Jess's Mom yelled to me that Barett had a ground hog and I should go and grab him. Well by the time I got to the end of the yard, Barett had the ground hog up against the fence, and both were ready to attack. Barett was defending his turf and the ground hog was trying to get out of the yard with it's life. The dog bit the ground hog on the head and starting running around with it, and tossing it side to side to break it's neck. he let it down a few times and then they would just resume going at it. The whole time I was trying to find a time where I could reach in and get the dogs collar so I could stop the battle. He just seemed possessed, and I was not too interested in getting bit by him or the ground hog. I kept yelling his name while he was tossing this animal all over the yard. Finally the little sucker gave up or was paralized and the dog lost interest. Why would you fight something that was not moving. We checked the dog to see if any of the blood on him was his own, and then Mrs. Vadino asked me to get rid of the animal.

I had a shovel, so the plan was to slide the shovel under him, and then place his carcas in the woods for nature to take over. WELL...when I put the shovel under him, he moved a little bit. He was not quite gone yet. I moved him into the woods, and I could see his chest rising and falling. He was still alive, but could not be doing too well. All of his extremities were stiff and not moving at all. After some contemplating, I decided I had to do the humane thing and put him out. I swung the shovel and knocked him in the head with it. I probably just annoyed him, since I did not swing very hard. I saw that he was still breathing, so I took another swipe at him. At this point it was just too much to coninue to smack this thing in the head, so I pushed him further into the woods, and hoped that he died quickly, or another animal finished him off soon.

After a little while, I went in the house and decided to just chill out for a minute, since it was pretty gross what I just had to do. I wanted to go for a bike ride, but I decided to swim a few laps instead.

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