Monday, July 04, 2005

This morning we decided to go to an auction in Kingston, Pa. This is right near my house, and we wanted to check out what they may have. They had all sorts of stuff there, and stuff ended up going VERY cheap. It was sick what some of the stuff went for, but jess and I do not have enough room in our apartment or anyway to transport some of the stuff that was up for auction. I bid on some of the instruments and ended up winning an Organ for a total of $7! I plan on just giving it to Kyle so he can use it to make some cool music.

We went back to my parent's house to grab our stuff and head up to my uncles cabin. Most of my family was there. I love to see my family, and catch up. I live the furthest away of our immediate family, so everyone always wants to know what I am up to. Jess and went for a paddle boat ride and played with my "neice and nephew". They are not really my neice and nephew, but my cousin is an only child, and he sort fo asked me to be an Uncle to his kids. They are great, and I can't wait till my sister and brother in law give me a "real" neice or nephew.

We could't stay at the party too long, since the 4th was on a Monday and we both had to get back to work Tuesday morning. We drove back to Philly and met at friends Pete and Colleen's house to join a party with a few other friends. We took a walk over to the Art Museum to see the concert and fireworks there.

On the parkway we got to see Patti LaBelle and Elton John perform and then some fireworks over the art museum. Those two artists are probably two I will never see again, let alone together, so it was cool to see.

We finally got to go to bed at like 2am after a LONG weekend!

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